As the nation works to recover from the recession, our top economic priority must be to produce new, good paying and sustainable jobs in our region by fostering an economic environment that enables small businesses to grow, flourish, and create new job opportunities for local residents.   

Pat Meehan supports increased investment in our region’s infrastructure, including highways and mass transit, as well as our aging water and sewer systems.  This infrastructure investment will help to create immediate jobs, while also improving the quality of life for local residents and the ability of our region to attract new employers. The deepening of the Delaware River Main Shipping Channel and Boeing’s development of the V-22 Osprey are two efforts that will indefinitely benefit our economy by creating and retaining thousands of jobs while providing employees job security.

Pat Meehan believes proposals to increase taxes on small businesses are the wrong approach given our current economic situation, and will hinder the ability of business owners to hire new employees.  Instead we must focus on providing entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools they need to succeed.  On the federal level, we should be doing more to free small businesses of overly burdensome regulations that restrict innovation and growth and a tax structure that punishes entrepreneurs rather than rewards them for creating jobs. 

Most importantly, Pat Meehan believes that our economic future depends on the education of our young people. Schools need our help to freely focus on educating students in math and science to make them competitive in the job market. 

Pat has written extensively on his views on job creation and the economy. In this Wall Street Journal op-ed, Pat explains how one bad ethanol policy results in dire consequences on jobs in our area.